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Here is a Buyer’s Guide for you. At, we are trying our best to provide you reliable and accurate product information. To achieve that goal, we are presenting the products only from reliable sellers, we check the details of the product and try to change the product title according to the details of the product provided on the product page. This means, we go through each and every product details, read it carefully, make amendments in the details according to the specifications of the product and then present it to you on We also change the product title description according to its detailed description to provide you the best possible working image of the product as accurate as possible. But, after all of our efforts, there are still chances of misinformation in the product description.

To serve you better we have created this buyer’s guide which is small but productive. It is important because you are spending your hard earned money.

Sometimes, the price fluctuate and we try our best to keep the prices up-to-date but it is not always possible. We assure you that any difference in price would mean that we got lazy and could not update the price of the product on time. The final price is what you will see on sellers product page.

You must know that we do not sell the products. We are just referring them to you. When you buy a referred product, we get a small commission from the seller. Please, note that the price is same whether you use our link or buy directly via seller’s link. We appreciate if you use our affiliate link. Please, also note that we do not earn commission on every product sale. There are many products listed here where we get no commission which means 0.00% commission. You will never know, which products do not give us commission, but we do. It is because we do not want to eliminate your choice and want you to freely do shopping.

Remember that you will not pay us. We use affiliate links which will redirect you to our partner eCommerce stores. You will pay directly to the seller. The seller will pay us commission on every purchase you make.

Normal Buying Process

  • 1: Read the product details carefully at

    2: Click on the Buy Now! button. You will be redirect to one of our affiliate eCommerce website which will be either AliExpress or Amazon.

    3: Check the seller’s reputation. This will help you to decide if you want to proceed with the product.

    4: Read again the product details carefully provided on the seller’s eCommerce store.

    5: If you wish to know more about the product, contact the seller via appropriate method which is available on every product page on AliExpress and Amazon.

    6: If you contact the seller, spare him at least 2 working days or 48 hours, whichever is longer, for the reply back. Normally, sellers are very helpful and will assist you regarding the product. Sometime, the answer is delayed because of a number of reasons. Also note that seller’s response maybe late because of holidays. If you are satisfy with the explanation, proceed.

    7: Please, check the shipping method. You may want to change it according to your needs. The best shipping method is already applied by our eCommerce partners but you still have the rights to check what shipping methods are available. You can change the shipping method according to your needs if available more than one. It is necessary if you need the product urgently.

    8: Please, check the feedback provided by the prior buyer’s. Feedback with images are great help in deciding to buy the product or not because image feedback may show the real image of the product. Do not forget to read the feedback which gave the lowest ratings to the product. If you see a reasonable but negative feedback for the product, contact the seller and ask them to clarify the issue. If you are satisfied with the explanation, proceed.

    9: Once you are fully satisfy with the product details and all the information provided by the seller and in the feedback, add the product in the cart.

    10: Go to cart, checkout, and pay for the product.

    11: Now wait for the product delivery.

Read it too:

  • 1: Search for the similar products at before you decide to buy a product.

    2: You may see a different price tag for the same product provided by different sellers.

    3: Check the quality of the product by feedback and reply from the seller.

    4: Check the delivery method for the product with different price tag.

    5: Compare the product with the searched ones.

    6: Decide which one meets your needs.

    7: Add that product in the cart.

    8: Pay for it.

    9: Wait for delivery of that product.

Note: This guide is under development.