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If you are here, we suppose you want to know about us.

We are a small team of 4 of university students. We are from USA, Finland, and Sweden. We are studying business management, HCI, UX/UI, and industrial psychology. Life is hard and there is nothing without hard work to over come the barriers. One biggest barrier is student life is to meet the expenses. To do so, we have started MegaMean project. No, we do not sell you any product. We have affiliated ourselves to some biggest eCommerce giants. We pick well appreciated products, and present it here on MegaMean.com. On every purchase made by you, we will get a small commission from the seller. The price of the product is same whether you buy via our affiliate link or not.

We could do drop shipping and charge you 3 times of the price of the product but that is totally unfair. You do not deserve that ill-mental-treatment. You only need to pay the real price of the product and not the false price. If you need some product and you have found one but you think the price is not fair and the seller is over charging, send us the message via contact form. We will find the same/similar product for you with genuine and appropriate price. We will let you know ASAP. You will be able to buy the product from the original seller or manufacturer or retailer, whoever that would be. We may also be able to negotiate the price to get you some discount. Each of us has many years (minimum is 8 years) of online shopping across the world. We know where to find the things. You can trust us.

If you want to contact us, please use the Contact Us form.